Columbia Beach Resort: Luxury With An Ethical Heart

Secluded in the rolling hills and overlooking Pissouri Bay, you will find the charming Columbia Beach Resort, a Cypriot 5-star luxury haven. The resort offers not only stunning natural views, but also an award-winning spa, a lagoon-style infinity pool, and fine dining restaurants. However, there’s more to this resort than meets the eye, and there is more to the resort than just simply being a luxurious holiday destination. Columbia Beach Resort proudly upholds the values of “hospitality with a heart” through its active commitment to ethical and social responsibility. It ensures a sustainable destination for travellers who care about the environment, ethical matters, and its local communities through its ‘Columbia’s Caring Luxury’ work.

Read on to discover the remarkable work of Columbia Beach Resort’s ‘Caring Luxury’ ethos.

Welcoming And Supporting Hidden Disabilities

In 2021, Columbia Beach Resort proudly made an announcement – It became the first ever worldwide resort to join the ‘Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network’. This network is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and accessibility for people with hidden disabilities. The resort considers this project as an important value that it is committed to.

The ‘Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Network’, established at Gatwick Airport in 2016, holds the mission to improve everyday interactions and experiences for those with less obvious or even ‘invisible’ disabilities. By joining the network, Columbia Beach Resort focuses on how guests with these subtle disabilities are treated by their trained staff. All guests are treated with kindness, patience, support, and respect in meaningful, enriched interactions, without any judgement, ensuring that they feel comfortable and valuable at all times.

The symbolism behind the sunflower is particularly significant in this instance, as it represents confidence, strength, growth, and positivity. It is used to represent these disabilities and signal to staff that additional assistance may be required.

By establishing lifelong relationships with its guests, the resort hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of those with hidden disabilities.

Reducing Environmental Footprint

Through active engagement in regular beach cleanups, encouraging guests to mindfully reuse towels and minimise their water consumption where possible, Columbia Beach Resort is continuously committed to sustainability and continuously reducing its environmental and carbon footprint. By paying close attention to detail and its adherence to ethical practices, the resort is effectively ensuring minimal disruption is made to nature and its surroundings. Its efforts to recycle waste like fried oil and outdated electoral equipment sets a great example for others in tourism.

The resort’s dedication to sustainability has earned several ‘Green Key’ Awards, which is a testament to its excellence in environmental responsibility within the luxury tourism industry. The Foundation for Environmental Education sets strict criteria and high standards for this award. The green initiatives the resort focuses on are conserving water and energy, and safeguarding local wildlife and habitat.

To conserve water, the resort uses water-saving technologies such as automatic stop taps and advanced flushing systems. Additionally, the resort uses 2-phase flush toilets and a 3rd-degree treatment facility that recycles every drop of wastewater. The recycled water is then used in the resort’s gardens, and any excess is given to local farmers.

Regarding energy efficiency, the resort has installed solar panels across all its suites, spa, and indoor pool for water heating. Auto sensors and LED lights are also in place across the resort to ensure that lights are only on when used.

Caring For The Island’s Cats

Tokyo is now hailed as the dining capital of the world. They have more Michelin restaurants than any other city and one of the reasons for this is it’s the biggest city In the world. With nearly a whopping 39 million people.

Columbia Beach Resort is not only committed to taking care of the environment and its people but also the animals in the local area.

In their ongoing ‘Columbia Cat Care Project’, we see the resort makes a continuous effort to protect and care for the wellbeing of the increasing number of stray cats on the island.

The project involves neutering, vaccinating, feeding and grooming the cats. Impressively for animal lovers, they even have a ‘Name a Cat’ programme, where guests can become “godparents” of the cats, or even adopt them and take them home.

Check out their Columbia Cats Calendar 2024.

Donating To The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society

With every stay at the beautiful Cyprus hotel, Columbia Beach Resort supports The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society by adding €5 to guests’ suite bill. However, this payment is optional, and the donation amount can be adjusted based on the guest’s preference.Between December 2018 when the incentive was introduced and January 2024 the Resort has raised over 63,000 for the charity.

The Cyprus Anti-Cancer Society is dedicated to providing palliative care services, as well as supporting loved ones of those affected by cancer, and informing the wider public about cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and relief.

The hotel staff participated in Breast Cancer Awareness Month last year on October 20th by wearing pink. The resort takes an active role in fighting cancer.

Eco Water Bottles Partnership

Through its partnership with Minoa, a Greek-based company with products that are an ecological solution for bottled water, Columbia Beach Resort even pays attention to the small details when it comes to being environmentally conscious.

Rather than bottles, they are cartons, designed with renewable sources, mostly Minoa paper packaging, and are fully recyclable with a low environmental footprint.

One of The 26 Pioneering Small Luxury Hotels of The World’s ‘Considerate Collection’

And finally, Columbia Beach Resort was proudly named in 2021 as one of the pioneering 26 Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) in the launch of the Considerate Collection, a community of actively sustainable luxury hotels “that go the extra eco mile.”

The three criteria pillars that all hotels in the Considerate Collection have, aligning with the GTSC’s global criteria include, ‘Community Minded’, ‘Cultural Custodians’, and ‘Environmentally Conscious.’

Final Thoughts,

In summary, it is wonderful, not to mention very impressive to see a 5-star resort blending luxury with a strong ethical ethos, exemplified by its support for hidden disabilities, environmental sustainability efforts, and community initiatives. Columbia Beach Resort surely is setting a shining example to other European hotels, and hotels all over the world.

The beautiful Cypriot sights, and luxuries alongside its ethical consciousness appealing?

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